Network Mailer

Network Mailer is a marketing program management solution. It gives networked organizations the opportunity to unify the direct marketing efforts of their franchisees, retailers, dealers and affiliates.

With Network Mailer, each location can independently execute postcard campaigns that are consistent with the corporate brand while the corporate office maintains administrative and brand control.

Start with a postcard campaign and simply follow the Wizard
  • Choose a corporate pre-approved template and customize the frontside and backside in minutes
  • Select your mailing list and print quantity
  • Select postage and mail dates
  • Review and submit your order
Drive your mass marketing efforts to the local Level

Network Mailer is a comprehensive, web-based direct mail advertising solution that unifies the direct marketing efforts of your sales channels.

Network Mailer enables your network to independently customize and launch direct mail campaigns, while giving your corporate marketing department complete brand and administrative control.

From messaging to execution, production to timing — you may already know that effectively implementing a standardized workflow for your sales channel of franchisees, dealers, affiliates or resellers can be a difficult task.

Now, you can meet all of these challenges with Network Mailer:

  • Drive your marketing message to the local level
  • Give your network the power to execute local marketing
  • Maintain administrative and brand control
  • Eliminate creative and logistics headaches
  • Rely on a fully automated, standardized workflow
  • Generate the highest ROI on marketing dollars
Automate marketing program Management

Take the headache out of organizing direct mail advertising campaigns for your sales channel. Network Mailer is highly scalable and fully automated marketing program management solution. It can help eliminate the administrative challenges and complex logistics that often come with supporting your franchisees, dealers, affiliates and resellers marketing needs.

Maintain administrative and brand Control

Maintain control over all campaigns by building a standardized, web-based library of pre-approved marketing collateral.

Empower your sales Channels

Network Mailer provides a marketing solution for both your corporate offices and sales channels:

  • Users can plan and budget campaigns
  • Corporate controls messaging and branding
  • Pre-approved library of marketing collateral
  • Mailing list options available
  • Integrated mailing services
  • Full color high resolution printing