Predictive Modeling

Modern Analytics™

Bridge the gap between customers who are likely respond to your marketing efforts and prospects who need to be informed, wooed, coaxed and reminded. Modern Analytics enables you to harness powerful modeling software and identify prospects closely resembling your current customers. The result? Higher response rates, increased order averages and maximum ROI for your campaigns.

To find more prospects that look just like your best customers, our data experts will:
  • Analyze your existing customer list to find common demographic and geographic attributes
  • Provide you with a snapshot that will show you precisely what your best customers look like
  • Build a Prospect Model using predominant characteristics within your current customer list
  • Generate a list of “Pure Prospects” who look like current customers, but are yet to purchase
Pricing & Turnaround Time

With Modern Analytics, you simply pay for the names you want, which range from 8-15 cents each with a 5,000 name minimum per order. How else do we stack up to similar programs? Take a look:

  Modern Analytics™ Competitive Offerings
Turnaround Time 3-5 days 1-2 months
Custom Profile Reports (view sample) Report Included in Program Additional, $500-$2500
Custom Models Report Included in Program Additional, $5,000-$15,000

For a more in-depth discussion of all that Modern Analytics has to offer, download our whitepaper. You can also view our FREE Webinar: Advanced Data Services.